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Posts published in “Thailand”

Roller Crash

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The scooter is the way to get around in Thailand Do as the locals do. So I rented a roller to get around in Chiang Rai. But my last ride…

Phuket Old Town

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An Enticing Mix of Old and New Phuket Old Town is not big and can be visited in half a day. It’s easy and fun to explore, even on a…

Phuket – Kamala Beach

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Large, Legendary and Luring – Phuket Travelling to Thailand must include exploring the countries many islands, or at least a few of them. When it comes to the Thai islands,…

Chiang Rai

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The Residence of Art Chiang Rai lies picturesquely embedded in the mountain landscape of the Golden Triangle. The river  Mae Nam Kok, mostly just Kok river, passes the town centre…

Chiang Mai

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The Rose of the North Chiang Mai is the biggest and most important city in the North of Thailand. Its nickname “Rose of the North” was earned due to the…