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Roller Crash

Esther 0

The scooter is the way to get around in Thailand

Do as the locals do. So I rented a roller to get around in Chiang Rai. But my last ride on a motorbike was more than 20 years ago. The person who rented the bike to me immediately noticed my lack of experience and explained everything with an incredible smile.

I drove off and practised a little on less busy roads.  I did a few circles around a tiny lake on empty roads and soon I felt comfortable enough to drive off to my first destination. But I hadn’t practised turning yet. And these rollers have very small wheels and accelerate instantly with a jump. Trying to find my destination I went too far, wanted to turn and pfuuum, my first turn smashed me on the ground.

Thanks to some very helpful people I had immediate help and very professional first aid. Some wonderful friendly people nearby helped me to get up again and treated my injuries very professionally, gave me water and fruit. I was lucky: I no broken bones, just massive scratches and bruises on my right leg and a mild shock. My head was protected by the helmet.

The bike had some scratches too but no serious damages. I was riding the bike the rest of that day as well as the following days with my heart thumping like a hammer. But I managed it. The next day I went the same way back to those people who helped me so much to thank them with a big box of Merci chocolate.  

The wounds and bruises took some time to heal and I could not go swimming for more than a week, no pool, no snorkelling or diving. That was the hardest I think.

I better spare you with pictures of my injury – this was in the morning before the accident

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