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Magnetic Island

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Magnetic Island got its name because Captain Cook thought the island has some impact on his compass. Certainly a misapprehension. Today Magnetic Island is rather a magnet for tourists and holiday makers.

Tropical Cairns

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The Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef The reason to visit Cairns is the Great Barrier Reef. So I booked me in for just three days. It turned out that…

The City in a Park – Adelaide

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Adelaide is a wonderful city. It was planned by William Light using pen and paper and it is to his credit that Adelaide has those wonderful broad roads, streets in checkerboard pattern and vast parks all around the city centre.


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Ho-Ho-Hobart It was Christmas time. Did you know that there is another Santa Claus who lives at the South Pole and drives a Harley Davidson?  Every year at Christmas time…

Tasmania – Launceston

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InCRADLEble Tasmania Tasmania is the biggest Australian island, it’s the same size as Sri Lanka but with only 500 000 inhabitants instead of 21 million. In other words, in Sri…

Iconic Melbourne

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The Capital of Victoria – Melbourne The city lies in the very south of Australia at the shores of river Yarra and along the coastline of Port Phillip Bay and…

Relax and Surf in Bali

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A very short stay in Kuta  Bali has been a stopover for me only, unfortunately. I am sure it has a lot to offer but my visit was very short.…

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